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    Sapa - the pardise of nutritional mushroom

    Sapa - the pardise of nutritional  mushroomGoing anywhere in Sapa you are also invited to buy field mushroom- a specialties of Sapa’ mountains and forests.
    At any restaurants in Sapa, you can easily enjoy this kind of food. After soaking in water, these field mushrooms still keep the taste of mountainous land and flavor of forest trees.

    If you are gastronomic, you should choose “mushroom foot”. This is a mix of body of mushroom, meat, dried cuttlefish and some spices. You can eat it with many kinds of vegetables here. I must sure that if you have once time to try this food, you never forget it as well as nerver forget Sapa.

    White button mushrooms, the popular ones you see in all the grocery stores, have a surprising amount of nutrients including:

    Panthothenic Acid
    Vitamin B6
    In addition, white button mushroom extract has been found to reduce the size of some cancer tumors and slow down the production of some cancer cells. It is most prominently linked to reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

    A Great Weight Loss Food

    Sapa - the pardise of nutritional  mushroom 1
    For those who are always looking for nutritious weight loss foods to pack into our diets, mushrooms are a less well-known option. Mushrooms are low in calories, carbohydrates, fat and sodium. However, like watermelon, they are very high in water content (80 to 90% water) and fiber which makes them a great diet food!

    An Excellent Source of Potassium

    Most people think bananas are the high potassium food, but it may surprise you to learn that mushrooms out rank bananas on the potassium chart. Potassium helps the body process sodium and lower blood pressure. So people with hypertension or a high risk of stroke can enjoy tremendous health benefits from a regular dose of mushrooms in their diet.

    Disease Fighting Properties

    All mushrooms are an excellent source of the antioxidant Selenium which works with vitamin E to protect cells from damaging free radicals. Some studies also indicate that antioxidants are some of the best nutrients for preventing and fighting cancers. Like almonds, mushrooms are becoming more popular for their cancer-fighting and disease protecting properties.

    Shitake mushrooms in particular are also high in the beta-glucan Lentinan. Lentinan has been linked with strengthening the immune system and helping combat illnesses that attack the immune system like AIDS.

    In addition, mushroom extract has been linked to some treatments for both migraines and mental disorders.
    Metabolism Support Nutrient
    Sapa - the pardise of nutritional  mushroom 2The human metabolism relies on a healthy dose of protein, fiber and vitamin B to keep it functional and robust. Mushrooms rank high in all three of thesemetabolism-supporting nutrients.

    A Great Source of Heart-Healthy Copper

    Copper is one of the less talked about minerals that is essential to the body, but that the body can not make on its own. Copper has properties that help protect our cardiovascular system, and just one small serving of mushrooms contains more than 20 percent of the copper we need daily.

    With our fast-paced lifestyles and the highly processed foods we may frequently find ourselves eating in haste, the magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and selenium nutrients found in a single dish of mushrooms can really make up for some of the deficiencies we struggle to combat in our diets.
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