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    Sour Noodle - unique and fasciating food in Sa Pa

    Sour Noodle - unique and fasciating food in Sa Pa
    Sour Noodle is cooked relatively sophisticated, representing for food and drink art of Sapa peole.Not exactly sour soup came from and of the nation, but, with most of the highland ethnic groups: Hmong, Dao, Tay, Nung ethnic or even used to live on the mountain headlines such as:Thu Lao, Ha Nhi … sour soup is rustic, indispensable. Each session, she, her pulses beautiful in colorful costumes, swooping on sour soup, just as the men gathered around the wheels straight alcohol.

    Materials for a bowl of sour soup of the uplands consists of six major components: rice noodle, tomato, pickles yoghurt, soy ships, roasted peanut and ultimately indispensable chili. Noodles is not normally sold cakes is listed in fair city, where the dough is rolled and coated by hand, select local blusher rice, when coated finished products, crispy ensure, not too soft not too hard. Typically, water is removed from the jar pickles and sour.

    Sour Noodle - unique and fasciating food in Sa Pa 1However, the difference is to acidic water, the graceful and sweet, pickles cat salt from vegetables, planting vegetables on the grill, sliced ​​only about half the size knuckles. Along with crushed roasted peanut, raw material is equally important in the bowl of sour soup is the boat blow (aka cylinder head). Train soy which are processed, soaked from soybean. For a delicious tofu soy ships, processing stages of upland people quite sophisticated and elaborate, from selecting beans, spice additions and processing of finished products take up to several months. Cylinder head bowl mix together sour soup is dark golden brown as sugar, wing beans crushed and filled scented water pile up. And finally, the raw material indispensable for making the perfect noodle taste is sour chili sauce – is the like of the highlands such as chili peppers Muong Khuong, ensure spicy with bright red.

    Sour Noodle - unique and fasciating food in Sa Pa 2
    In Lao Cai, want to enjoy a delicious sour soup, you to the city of Muong Khuong or Bac Ha White Plateau. To spring, January RELEVANCE gold and still chilly weather, visit the roadside a small restaurant facilities ngut smoke, you can sit and with diners Mongolia, the Tay called a sour noodle bowl. Pick sour noodle bowl from her hand shop owners, customers can mix and now comfortable sipping crispy noodles, fragrant dust of the cylinder head, roasted peanut and bold tastes sour pickles, sniffed the spicy chili …

    Not picky, aesthetic luxury status, as well as the month of the Mongolia, Guppy areas of the Giay, to now, sour noodles Muong Khuong, Bac Ha … started down the street on each festival, held in the cult. So many people do not have the opportunity to highland wait each spring fair held every year to have the opportunity to enjoy the sour pho … Just that much, enough to confirm that: sour soup, absolutely can be a culinary brand, inseparable in the life and activities of upland communities.
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