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    Ta Phin Cave - beautiful and magic cave in Sa Pa

    Ta Phin Cave is located in Ta Phin Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province. Characteristics: Ta Phin Cave is home to many valuable studies, archeology, travel and sightseeing. Ta Phin 12km from Sapa town, angling to the north, where there are two Dao and H’Mong residents.Ta Phin Cave – The Ta Phin Commune People’s Committee headquarters near 1km north of the limestone mountain range, is a branch of the Hoang Lien Son range. In the mountains there is a small mountain, foothills cracked a cave, a height of about 5m, 3m wide, open a regular path to ground.

    Go over 30m in the dark, bumpy’ll see a cave. From the reclining split greatly wish them underground just a slip slip, many passages cliff rock to cling to the ear, but up and down swinging. Take this small cliffs radiate as much style, even the niche go ders, sprinkle commonplace and ultimately return to its original position.At the far end corner of Ta Phin village is Ta Phin Cave. As usual, with the commercialism of tourism, Red Dao women wait there to promote you and offer you to buy their merchandises.
    Taphin grotto information
    The Dao children also surrounded us to rent us the torch light. The problem was there were a few of them persuaded you to rent from them, so Adeline did have a hard time figure which one to rent. The torch normally cost VND 2,000.

    The Red Dao is easily identifiable by the large red headdresses worn by many of the women.
    Ta Phin grotto is just a small and unimpressive cave, and it’s completely dark inside. Bring a torch, else make sure the torch light is bright when renting one.
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