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    Quet Lang Festival of Xa Pho ethnic group Sapa

    Quet Lang Festival of Xa Pho ethnic group Sapa
    This festivals often takes place in February of lunar calendar (on the date represents horse, goat, or human) to wish for a safety, healthy and wealthy New Year for human being and cattle.When coming to the festival, each person takes along a bowl of rice, a chicken, money, two bars of incenses and a bottle of wine. For those who contribute dogs, goats will be rewarded by being given a day of work with the help of people in the village. When the festival day comes, all men in the village take all the offerings to a ground near the village. As assigned, agile and strong men will slaughter pigs, chickens, goats, and dogs. The master of the festival (the wizard) will hold a wooden sword in his hand, a small branch of peach leaves, rub soot on the face and then comes to each hamlet to perform the house-cleaning ceremony for the whole village. When coming into one’s house, the wizard will pour out a cup of wine and put it onto the altar of the family, and mumble the names of all members in that family. After that he takes on the wooden sword and brandish around the house, the family assigns a member to follow the wizard and use corn seeds (grilled corn) to throw over the head of the wizard.
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